Lost horses

Sell your old saddle for the health of your horse !

If you have always had a passion for riding but have let the side because of your family for other reasons and would now resume riding, you must first make a small inventory of what you already have .

Outside the horse, you should also consider your saddle. If you find that it is much too old for your horse, you can always sell it at low prices so that others can enjoy it and you purchase a new battery. Put your used french saddles will not disadvantage you. Not only you can help others who have the same passion as you, but you are going to purchase a new, more modern equipment. If you think it is too dusty and that no one will ever want, here are some tips to recover.

Put the saddle on foot

The saddle is considered a car because it needs a good regular maintenance to age well. If you have then forgot to take care in recent years, you do not have to worry about. You can actually catch yourself starting first by thoroughly clean with a special glycerine soap saddle leather. You can find several on the market with very accessible prices. Ideally, choose a quality soap.

You must clean your saddle everywhere whether in the saddle flaps or on top. In case it is too dirty, you can spend the towel wringing it well to avoid scratches on the leather. All seams should also be well cleaned. It is also possible for you to use a toothbrush with soft teeth to access all places. Before lubrication, you should dry it with a towel.

For lubrication, you will need a special product saddle like a balm for example. You can apply it with a sponge or a simple cloth. You should especially not apply a thick layer on your hardware, only apply the second coat once the first has fully penetrated the leather. Do not miss to finish massaging leather hand.

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