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Are the antares saddles good stools ?

Choosing a saddle is an important step for anyone who wants to practice horse riding. It ensures optimum comfort between the horse and the rider. One finds in the saddle market of all types and various brands. Among the biggest saddlers, the Antares brand plays its cards right.

A bit of history about the brand Antares

Antares Sellier is a French brand that was born in 2000 at Saintes, in Charente-Maritime. Since then, it has gradually risen to the level of the greatest saddlers in the world. To achieve this, the French brand has based its philosophy on offering saddles that are tailor-made, high-end and, above all, high-performance. Thus, the antares saddles are both accessories of luxury and performance adapted to each rider and mount.

The fact that the creators of the brand are enthusiasts of riding gives a unique soul to this saddler. Indeed, Antares Sellier products tailor-made accessories for all types of equestrian disciplines. For example, you can find quality saddles for hiking, show jumping, dressage or the complete show. The brand’s products have also customized finishes according to the customer.

Where to buy saddles from Antares Sellier?

The saddles of the brand Antares Sellier are among the most wanted riding accessories by the professionals. Their guarantee of quality, safety and performance makes it one of the jewels of the international saddlery. The saddles of this French brand are available in : new and used saddles. In both cases, they are quality accessories suitable for the good practice of your sport.

On the brand website or from authorized dealers, you can order custom saddles or simply buy a ready-to-wear saddle ideal for multipurpose use. Antares also offers used, customized and reconditioned saddles for safe use. Less expensive than new saddles, they allow amateurs and beginners to practice their sport with a good stool and luxury one, without necessarily ruining themselves.

In addition, since 2003, Antares has been involved in the manufacture of accessories for saddles. These include straps, stirrups and even riding helmets.

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