Lost horses

Has your horse been stolen ? Our solutions to find out !

You did not close the stable well and you do not know where your stallion was able to walk? You have searched the prairie, around the ranch, and even outside the fences but you can not find it? You called your friends and loved ones but without success? Your horse has disappeared! But no panic we are here to help you manage this crisis situation. Subscribe to our "SOS horse stolen" section.

To help you find your horse

We are an alert network for the disappearance of horses. Our association offers you assistance in the location of your pet. For this we have a close collaboration with a local research unit which will deplore all the means to find your horse in the minimum possible time. This page presents a database of horses declared missing. You will also find there the directory of alerts and chip numbers of the animals that are the subject of our research. All you have to do is register with us and we will help you. We also provide assistance for locating owners of stray horses or counseling in case of animal abuse. Finally, we do volunteer work by offering adoption services for orphaned equines.

Become one of ours

You can become a member of our association if you want to help riders who are in the same situation as you. This site is managed by volunteer members, meaning that no membership fees or fees are charged. Entries are completely free on our site. And if you have found your horse and want to withdraw from the association, the withdrawal can also be done at any time, without any justification. If you are a volunteer, you can post ads on our page. To deposit your alerts on our site, follow our alert guide whose file is downloadable on this same page. Come and read exciting stories and stories about stolen horses and find it through our expertise.

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